It’s Day 275 of 15 to stop the spread. That's 275 days of shuttered businesses, isolated loved ones, fewer people treating other illnesses, spikes in addiction and suicides, especially among young people. We know with mountains of evidence that COVID doesn't kill younger, healthy people. We also know that young people are not killing older relatives as the evidence shows that it's more likely for an older person to spread coronavirus to younger people.

Despite the facts. Despite the evidence. Despite the suffering caused by the unnecessary and dangerous government lockdown, Murphy continues to spread fear. His latest tweet was truly out of bounds and should be reported to Twitter. Here's what the gov said:

If you have a Twitter account, join me in reporting this dangerous and irresponsible message which makes a blanket statement targeting young people with ZERO facts to support the conclusion.

Beyond the fear mongering is the drama behind the vaccine. First of all, if you look around the nation and the world, the virus flattened the same way in areas that locked down and areas that remained open. A natural flattening. Then multiple mutations which according to many docs made the virus less deadly, even for the vulnerable. The so-called second wave? All about positive cases, which Murphy calls "infections" because it's a way scarier word.

Even the so-called "infections" all stem from the highly inaccurate PCR test which uses a number of cycles to detect the virus. The more cycles used, the lower the amount of virus and the spiking probability of a false positive. Many docs have talked to me about the danger of using anything over 20 cycles, the FDA is recommending 40. That basically means that you can find a trace in just about everyone. Even if these "infections" were something to be concerned about, very few people are sick, so why isn't that the message from the government? Even if we wanted to have zero people sick, a ridiculous notion, but hear me out, wouldn't the roll out of the vaccine be the reason to reopen?

Why is there no full reopening plan to go with the vaccine? Why have reporters ignored this and failed to ask even that simple question at the governor's endless pressers? Other states. Florida, Texas, Tennessee and more are open with bars, restaurants and family gatherings. And that is all without mask mandates and vaccine distribution. Why not here? Meanwhile the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr has remained open, 80k gym goers so far, no COVID. And they’re facing more than a million in fines from the gov’t. Where’s the science? The logic? The consistency?

So why do we even need a vaccine? The virus mutates, so if anything this is similar to a flu shot. You’ll need one every year. And the survival is 99.9% for most without a vaccine. But even if you’re scared and will feel better, it’s here now, so why aren’t we open?

For me and my family, we're going to continue living as normal as possible. We had a great latka party over the weekend to celebrate Chanukah with friends (yes, I have a recipe). Yoga has continued for months. Despite several positive tests among yogis, no one is sick. No one. We will continue to live, work and relax as best we can despite the outrageous orders coming from the governor. And yes, I will continue to fight for those who have no voice against the oppression coming from Trenton.

As far as whether you should take the vaccine, before you do, listen to this doctor who joined me on the morning show.

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