For the better part of the last decade, most of the news about New Jersey's budget has been pretty bad as the state continues to struggle financially.

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If you look closely enough at this year's spending plan proposal you will discover some good news especially if you're having a baby any time soon.

"The Governor (Chris Christie) has put in $1.6 million to support the Newborn Screening Program in New Jersey, "says Sharenne Simon, associate director of program services, advocacy and governmental affairs with the New Jersey chapter of the March of Dimes. "This will ensure that mothers have the opportunity to screen their babies for diseases that could potentially be life-threatening."

If the funding proposal is included in the final state budget, more than 100,000 babies born in New Jersey will be tested for dozens of diseases.

"Currently, in New Jersey, babies are screened for about 50 diseases and with this new expansion babies will be screened for more, up to about 60 diseases," explains Simon. "It gives the family the opportunity to prepare for whatever medical needs their child may or may not have."

The Newborn Screening Program provides early identification and follow-up treatment for babies affected by certain genetic, metabolic, hormonal and/or functional conditions.

Every baby born in New Jersey in currently screened for 54 disorders that can cause serious health problems.