A few weeks ago, Brett Breslow was sick for a few days and had trouble breathing. He was later diagnosed with COVID-19 and ended up in critical condition on a ventilator at Cooper Hospital.

His family was asking for plasma from someone who tested positive and was symptom-free for 14 days. Now the good news. On April 9, Breslow's brother, Peter posted this on his Facebook page:

"I am VERY HAPPY to report that after 19 days in the ICU at Cooper Hospital, my brother Brett Breslow is OFF of the ventilator and improving!!!"

Breslow's wife Amy came on my show to tell me what happened, check out my interview with her to check on how Brett is doing.

Here's what she told me in an email on how he's doing before she came on my show:

"Brett is still in ICU, but he’s doing much better. No longer intubated and is able to talk with us.
We have seen him via FaceTime, but cannot see him in person due to the virus. He is very weak and tired. He was out of bed and sitting in a chair for the first time today. He said this was difficult to do and really exhausted him. He is continuing to receive some oxygen and dialysis.

Hopefully he will be going in a day or two to a step down unit at Cooper Hospital where he’ll stay for at least a few days and then he will need inpatient physical rehabilitation to gain his strength back."

Here's hoping we get many more of these stories.

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