When California first passed the law allowing college athletes to be paid for endorsements I wrote about how Governor Murphy should make this happen in New Jersey. Since then the NCAA has backed off its opposition and either way, New Jersey is pressing on with a proposal to make it state law. Not that you can't take the NCAA at it's word ...

This law plus adding Greg Schiano as head coach, who has a knack for keeping New Jersey high school athletes here, should be a major boon for Rutgers ... and how often do I use the word "boon?"

Rutgers hasn't been able to compete in the Big 10 since it won the Quick Lane Bowl in 2014, its first year competing in the conference. It can definitely lure these kids in with endorsement money from all the places New Jersey has to offer, and it'll be doing it right down the road from Madison Avenue, where the big money can hear them. This is a great way to get these kids prepared for a life of pitchman along with their athletic abilities.

I've long been fan of paying college athletes, since everyone else makes money from all that they do on the field of play. There was always the "how do you do it?" This is a perfect way and the NCAA gets to maintain it's integrity by profiting from and not paying the athletes. I'm probably the only writer who ever put NCAA and integrity in the same sentence.

Either way, if you're a long-suffering Rutgers football fan, your life is about to change for the good. I'm looking forward to the day when I can write that about the Giants.

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