Why is the word 'normal' so hated in our society? It shouldn't be. Describing yourself as 'normal' doesn't mean you're a bigot or a hater. Thinking that 'Drag Queen Story Time' isn't OK is perfectly acceptable, or at least it should be. Thinking that it's absurd for the state of New Jersey to require teaching kids about cross-dressing Civil War fighters is equally absurd, unnecessary and potentially harmful to children who are being inundated with sexuality from all angles.

Certainly this trend in society to break down all tradition, acting as if it's perfectly normal to reject birth gender as one example, even with kids who haven't even started puberty. This kind of dangerous propaganda is driven by advocacy groups and if you speak out, they simply label you as a bigot.

What they're really saying is it isn't OK to be a person of faith and hold different views. Christians, Muslims, and Jews especially, be on notice, you are the enemy of this attack on values. I'm sick of it. Are you? Let's stand up and fight back.

It was good to see the Mayor of Barnegat stand up to the state's new curriculum forcing gay and lesbian history on our schools. At this point, seems the crazy progressives are just makin' s*** up, literally looking for stories about LGBTQ members to add to the lessons. Why?

History should be taught from the perspective of what was accomplished and what actually happened. The fact that a historical actor happened to be gay is irrelevant. If we're teaching modern history, military policy, SCOTUS decisions regarding gay marriage, all fine of course, because it happened and it's important that kids understand the timeline of events throughout our history. But to characterize new studies as specifically LGBTQ is only designed to push an agenda of gender fluid nonsense.

People who suffer from gender dysphoria are victims and need help. Trying to normalize the 'anything goes' agenda in our society has left children vulnerable and parents fighting against culture in order to raise their kids. Some people are gay, some people are truly confused about their sexuality. All true, but labeling everyone who pushes back as a 'bigot' ignores the beliefs and undermines the family structure of millions right here in New Jersey.

And comparing the struggle of the LGBTQ movement to the civil rights movement for people of color is historically inaccurate and dismissive of the tens of millions of African slaves who died in horrific conditions traveling to America and living in bondage. It's simply not the same struggle.

Plenty of normal gay, lesbian and straight families reject the radical agenda of the far-left progressives. Normal is not a curse. A normal American family is defined by the values of liberty and structure that defines our great nation. Normal is not a word to describe sexual preference, it's about shared values of liberty and patriotism. It's about wanting the power as a parent to raise your own kid without interference from radical politicos.

Setting standards and a base line of normalcy is not only OK, it's critical. We have a generation of young people who have no idea what's acceptable. what's normal, what's not appropriate. It's time for members of the LGBTQ community to stand up to the radical progressives. And equally important for the media outlets and pols to stop mocking people of faith for their belief that differ from popular culture. Tolerance is a virtue we need to bring back.

So get off the Mayor's back and be thankful that not everyone is going to cower in the face of the PC fascists that would tear down every recognizable faith and family unit that helped make our nation great. Lost in the PC onslaught against traditional values is the idea of liberty and tolerance. No one should tell another adult who they should love, live with, let alone sleep with. But the line has to be drawn when a movement is so desperate to redefine America that they would sacrifice a generation of already confused kids.

We have lost the ability in society to tolerate differences. The radical progressives want you to accept, conform and push their agenda. This is only going to create animosity and potentially stoke the fires of bigotry. We actually all can get along, but only if we respect and accept our differences.

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