The long gas lines we're seeing really have nothing to do with gas supply but a chain of events caused by the super storm and associated power outages.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images
Mark Wilson, Getty Images

Sal Risalvato of the New Jersey Gasoline, C-store, Automotive Association says a lot of the problems will be cleared up when power is restored.

"One, gas stations that have inventory will be able to sell it. Two, there will be a little bit less of a demand because part of the demand that we're seeing right now is from people trying to fuel their home generators." Risalvato adds power outages are also making it difficult for gas suppliers to fill their trucks at terminals that need electricity.

In a situation unrelated to power outages, Risalvato says the storm has also made many roads impassable with, flooding, downed trees and wires.

Risalvato adds gas retailers have also been hurt by the super storm and they'll also be seeking FEMA disaster assistance. He says we really have to have a little sympathy for the folks that supply gas stations.

"Many of them have encountered serious damage to their businesses and not being able to have any product or the ability to sell product to their customers, creates more of a financial burden at a time when they've already been struggling economically."

Risalvato urges a few more days of patience and says the lines will ease as more power is restored.

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