Dennis and Judi strolled down memory lane today with a topic discussing games that you played when you were younger than kids would never be allowed to play today.

"Airplane" parents have gotten so bad and so protective of their kids (see kids wearing bicycle helmets as a good example) that all the games and imagination we used when were younger isn't allowed today for fear of kids getting hurt.

Here are some of the examples of fun games we used to play that kids nowadays will never be able to experience:

1. Buck Buck (if you were from Philly) or Johnny on the Pony (if you were from North Jersey or New York) There are a few variances of the game depending on the area you are from. Game is usually played when either one person climbs on another players' back, or in certain instances,  multiple players climb on the backs of other participants to build a large pile.

2. Clackers ( Pictured above, otherwise known as Ker-Bangers) Two heavy plastic spheres on opposite ends of a string. What could go wrong, right?

3. Horse (The basketball game where you mimic tricky and sometimes dangerous shots)

4. Hot Bean (using a belt against your opponent)

5. Lawn Darts (remember these?)

5. "Chew the Peg" - A game played with knives and the loser must chew or bite on a short, sharp wood stick.


What other games did you play that would make this list? Let's hear your story below.