A New Jersey ban on the natural gas drilling process known as "fracking" is set to expire next month, before the state has time to learn of the potential environmental consequences. For that reason, Republican Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon has introduced a bill to extend the moratorium.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

There has been plenty of concern about the chemicals used during the hydraulic fracturing process, as well as how and where the waste is disposed. The United States Environmental Protection Agency's study on fracking should conclude this year, but the findings won't be available until some time next year.

"My bill will ensure that, until we have these results, New Jersey residents need not fear fracking in their backyards," O'Scanlon said.

He said he's responding to the call of his constituents, many of whom came to his office to express their concerns with the issue.

Environmentalists in New Jersey have been pushing for a permanent ban on fracking. Supporters of the process claimed it could lead to the United States becoming independent in energy production.