🚨 4 pipes that looked like pipe bombs were spotted by Hamilton police during a stop

🚨 Another was found at driver Jeremy Gillberti's Mt. Laurel home

🚨 Several homes and businesses were evacuated

HAMILTON (Mercer) — Police found four metal pipes that looked like pipe bombs during a traffic stop Wednesday morning.

Hamilton Police Sgt. Mark Watson said two officers stopped a green Honda on Broad Street near Oldfield Avenue just before 11 a.m. during a traffic stop for a motor vehicle violation and noticed four metal pipes with caps and green wicks similar to a pipe bomb in the passenger side floor.

The driver, Jeremy Gillberti, 51, of Mt. Laurel was held by police while homes and businesses along South Broad Street between Harcourt Avenue and Churchill Avenue were closed awaiting the arrival of the State Police Bomb Unit.

Response to pipe bomb-like devices found during a traffic stop on Broad Street in Hamilton 7/26/23
Response to pipe bomb-like devices found during a traffic stop on Broad Street in Hamilton 7/26/23 (NJ Public Safety News Alerts)

Similar device found at home

After obtaining a warrant, troopers went to Gillberti's home and found another device inside his home, according to Watson. The New Jersey State Police Bomb Unit took possession of all five devices for destruction. Witnesses said the devices were taken to the former AMC movie theater, which has a large parking lot, to be destroyed.

State Police on Thursday morning did not respond to New Jersey 101.5's request for more information about the devices.

Gillberti was charged with possession of destructive device and is being held at the Mercer County Correctional Facility pending a detention hearing.

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