I stand corrected.

How often will you hear that?

In yesterday’s poll, I wanted to see if you thought the couple that caught the foul ball at the Texas/Yankee game the other night should have given it to the crying child seated next to them.

My reasoning was that it appeared the woman who received the ball seemed to take pleasure in sticking it in the child’s face, thereby adding to the kid’s displeasure.

Douchey couple…not so much.

Well, as the esteemed Paul Harvey would have said, "here's the rest of the story!"

While I thought the game could have been the child’s first, it turns out according to this report, that it was the couple’s first Rangers game together, as they are about to get married in a few days.

Key reaction is that of Crystal Shores, the mother of the boy, 3-year-old Cameron Shores, who said on the “Today” show Friday morning. "They were very sweet, they talked to Cameron a lot."

She added they had been trying to teach Cameron about sharing and not getting everything he wants and viewed the foul ball as a great lesson.

"We're trying to teach him he doesn't get everything, every time," she added.

Cameron's father, Kyle Shores, said he had been trying to comfort his son and didn't think Leonard and his fiancée even saw him crying. Later, they said, the couple offered to give Cameron the ball and they declined.

While I didn't think that was the time or place to teach their kid a life lesson, they thought better.

After all, who better than the kids' parents to make that call!

And that was much of what many of you were saying last night.

Moral: Things aren’t always what they seem to be!

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