Former Gov. Christine Todd Whitman continues her crusade to rid the Republican Party of Donald Trump Loyalists.

Whitman held a YouTube chat this week announcing endorsements of 21 lawmakers. These are individuals who members of the "Renew America Movement" believe help their efforts to purge Trump from the GOP, and include a number of Democrats.

Renew America admits they are actively attempting to prevent Republicans from regaining control of the House, believing current House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is a Trump puppet. Group co-founder Miles Taylor, who served in the Department of Homeland Security during the Trump Administration, said if Taylor were to become House Speaker, "it will be Donald Trump's hand" on the gavel.

Aside from endorsing 10 house Republicans who voted to impeach Trump, Whitman's organization endorsed two house Democrats running for reelection in New Jersey – Andy Kim and Josh Gottheimer. In announcing the endorsements, Whitman told YouTube viewers the organization was targeting areas "where we believe we can affect the outcome."

She still considers herself a lifelong Republican, but Whitman actively campaigned against Donald Trump in 2020. She took the stage for Joe Biden at the Democratic National Convention in 2020.

Meanwhile, another prominent New Jersey Republican is also criticizing the former president. Chris Christie, once a staunch Trump loyalist, has rebuffed his longtime friend in his own efforts to – in his words – "save the Republican party."

Trump has been urging Republicans not to vote in 2022 or 2024 unless the "presidential election fraud of 2020 is solved."

Christie has rejected Trump's claims of fraud, and is urging GOP voters to come out in big numbers.

“Given what President Biden and the Democrats are trying to do to this country, Republicans will and must vote in big numbers in ‘22 & ‘24-no matter what anyone says,” Christie said in a tweet.

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