We've all come across that shopper before. The one who feels entitled from the moment they enter the store, to the moment they leave.

Heck, they might even act entitled out in the parking lot. Perhaps they take up multiple spaces for their precious car.

Or maybe they drive like a jerk entering and exiting the parking lot. Actually, they're probably more clueless and oblivious over anything else.

After all, that's how they are in the stores, so why would behind the wheel be any different? It's that entitlement factor that makes them so annoying to deal with.

And yes, oblivious too. Oblivious to the fact that how they're acting is making everyone around them uneasy.

Rude / Annoying customer at the register checkout

Even if this particular shopper does work, it's very likely they've never worked a day in a retail environment their entire lives. This, of course, goes beyond customer service.

Although to be fair, they probably haven't worked a customer service role either. I mention retail above because that environment pretty much by default is customer service, minus a few behind-the-scenes roles.

Anyone who has worked in retail knows the deal first-hand when it comes to rude and disrespectful customers. Having worked retail myself, I know how obnoxious some of these customers can be.

And it's tough sometimes because you have to cater to them. If you don't, then you risk disciplinary actions or worse, losing your job.


And when these nasty customers know that, they take full advantage of it. This is why customers like that should be forced into retail roles, serving people just like them.

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