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If you’re planning a trip this summer that involves getting on an airplane and you live in the Garden State, you will have your choice of several different airports, depending on where you’re flying to.

Whether you will catch a connecting flight or traveling non-stop, you will probably want to keep a couple of things in mind.

According to a report by AAA, some airports have more frequent departure delays than others, and that can wind up causing delays of several hours or even a day or longer when traveling, depending on the situation.

Check schedules, make a plan

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So which are the best airports for catching a connecting flight?

The most recent United States Department of Transportation data, from January through September 2022, shows the best airports for on-time departures include:

• Salt Lake City, Utah, SLC, 83.56%

• Seattle, Washington, SEA, 81.82%

• San Francisco, California, SFO, 81.68%

• Minneapolis, Minnesota, MSP, 81.09%

• Los Angeles, California, LAX, 80.54%

Which airports should you avoid?

Newark Liberty International Airport

The report points out some airports that are very popular for connections, including Newark Liberty, are at the bottom of the list when it comes to on-time performance.

The top five airports to avoid for connecting flights include:

• Orlando, Florida, MCO, 67.93%

• Newark, EWR, 66.92%

• Dallas, Texas, DAL, 64.59%

• Baltimore, Maryland, BWI, 62.32%

• Chicago, Illinois, MDW, 59.57%

Seasoned travelers know a number of factors can influence delays including weather, but depending on your travel plans, you may want to consider your options carefully if you have a choice about flying from Newark Liberty, Kennedy, La Guardia, Philadelphia International, or smaller airports like Trenton Mercer or Atlantic City.

The Wall Street Journal in its “Best and Worst Airports of 2022," looked a several data points, including on-time performance, reliability, convenience and value and they concluded San Francisco and Sacramento were at the top of the list for large and midsize airports, while Newark and LaGuardia came in last.

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