Miranda Larkin got a raw deal. She just moved to Clay County, Florida from Seattle so it had to be tough enough on this 15 year old girl to start in a brand new school where she knew no one. On her third day she ran afoul of their dress code violation in what appears to be an honest lack of understanding of their rules and nothing recalcitrant. She wore a skirt slightly above the knee. It was a tasteful outfit, nothing shocking, nothing overly revealing, nothing close to a mini-skirt. Yet God forbid you could see her knees.

It's the punishment that was the bad part. She was sent to the school nurse and made to wear a "shame suit"; a brightly colored shirt and sweat pants with DRESS CODE VIOLATION written all over them then sent back to class that way. She was mortified. Her mom is now filing a complaint which you can read more about here in this USA Today story and you can also see for yourself how modest an outfit this was that got her in trouble.

As Jimmy Kimmel once said, all bad ideas are legal in Florida.

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