First they made national news by taking out a credit line just to keep their employees paid. Then the owners of Federico's Pizza in Belmar suddenly closed down after remaining open for takeout and donating huge amounts of food to medical first responders. The temporary closure was a bit of a mystery.

Until now.

As reported by the Asbury Park Press, one of the two brothers who own Federico’s, Bryan Morin, woke up at 5 am a week ago with chills and a fever. They shut everything down. Bryan was tested, went into home quarantine with his wife leaving meals at his bedroom door while he awaited results. It came back positive.

The good news is he’s on the mend and never had to go to the hospital, apparently having a case more on the mild side. More good news, Federico’s will re-open Thursday, just without Bryan for awhile. Still more good news? Employees still got paid throughout the ordeal, according to the APP.

The Morin brothers are a testament to the good side of American business. For many small business owners in New Jersey business is not just about dollars and cents and bottom lines; it’s about people. Every corporate suit in America should pay attention to their story.

I wish Bryan a continued recovery and I applaud the Morins for being the great people they are.

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