It is said that small businesses are the heart of our economy. They’re also often the heart of our communities.

There is a restaurant owner in Belmar who has taken out a $50,000 line of credit for the sole purpose of paying his employees during the coronavirus restrictions. As reported by Steve Politi on, Bryan Morin, who co-owns Federico’s Pizza and Restaurant on Main Street in Belmar, went to the bank and took out a credit line of $50 grand to make sure his employees got paid over the next two months.

The roughly 20 employees will continue to get a paycheck even though the pizzeria’s business has been severely curtailed because of the pandemic. (It should be noted that the restaurant is still open for takeout and delivery from 11am to 9pm with their whole menu available). Bryan Morin told, “My father told us a long time ago: You’ve got to take care of your employees first, because without those employees, you don’t have a business at all.”

That kind of attitude is so heartening during a crisis like this. It shows that despite the tough times there are still people who are willing to rise above the trouble and set an example for the rest of us. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go order some food from Federico’s. Their phone number is 732-681-6936, or order online.

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