The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued an urgent advisory against taking a drug meant for horses to treat or prevent COVID-19.

Ivermectin is used to de-worm horses, but it has gained popularity in the U.S. with many believing it will combat COVID.

A controversial study was released in Australia showing Ivermectin killed COVID in 48 hours. However, the trial was not done on humans. It was conducted solely in a laboratory. Similar studies from other countries have also been questioned.

The FDA warned the drug can cause severe side effects, including neurological issues and liver failure.

Animal drugs are often highly concentrated because they are used for large animals like horses and cows, which can weigh a lot more than we do—a ton or more. Such high doses can be highly toxic in humans. Moreover, FDA reviews drugs not just for safety and effectiveness of the active ingredients, but also for the inactive ingredients. Many inactive ingredients found in animal products aren’t evaluated for use in people. Or they are included in much greater quantity than those used in people. In some cases, we don’t know how those inactive ingredients will affect how ivermectin is absorbed in the human body. - FDA advisory on Ivermectin

The use of Ivermectin recently became the subject of a court hearing in New Jersey.

Attorney John Coyle told New Jersey 101.5 morning host Bill Spadea earlier this month he represented a woman who was infected with COVID and hospitalized at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood.

According to Coyle, his client's condition was grave, and her primary care doctor prescribed Ivermectin, but the hospital refused to administer the drug. As Coyle was in court arguing for a judge to order the treatment, he says the woman died.

Ivermectin has not been approved by the FDA to treat COVID. The agency says it is not an anti-viral medication.

It has been approved for use in humans to combat parasites or to treat head lice and some skin conditions.

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