Well, that didn’t take long. The family of the alleged shoplifter who was shot and killed by a Deptford Township police officer is saying it was murder. Of course, the investigation is still ongoing and the police say she tried to run them over while they tried to apprehend her.

She and two accomplices are suspected of shoplifting thousands of dollars of merchandise from the Marshalls store in Deptford. She was also wanted for previous thefts and had an extensive criminal record. The police say she hit one officer with the car before another officer shot her three times, killing her as she attempted to run them down.

Why is her family crying “murder?” Because there is no video of the encounter. In 2018, if there isn’t video of an event, then it doesn’t exist. The three alleged shoplifters had already wrestled with store security and then tried to flee. The lone male successfully ran off while the two women tried to drive away. The shooting took place in broad daylight in front of a busy store. No witnesses have come forward to dispute the officers’ account of the encounter. While an extensive criminal record, being detained by store security, and trying to drive away don’t in and of themselves indict the woman’s actions, they sure don’t make her look like a sympathetic figure. I think her family should wait until the investigation is complete before concluding the police did anything wrong.

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