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“If you want to vote, the Democrats have arranged that if you don’t have a mail-in ballot they will come out and give you one in an enema. Ultimately this is what’s going to happen,” Jim says.

This year in New Jersey, all registered voters will receive ballots by mail. Those who prefer to vote in person will be allowed to do so, but their votes will be considered provisional until election officials verify their mail-in ballots weren't received.

Jim would prefer to cast a ballot the old-fashioned way at a polling place, but says he thinks instead we're headed for digital voting. Podcast partner Bob Williams supports the idea, pointing out that government agencies like the IRS already utilize secure websites for all sorts of sensitive activities.

“There’s no such thing as a secure system. These things have been hacked and it can be done because other countries have people working full time figuring out ways to do it,” Jim says. “That is something they fear could come up in this current election.”

Jim expects we could be in for a long wait to find out who wins the November presidential election, and says the apparent loser will likely not accept the results

“There will be rumors and testimonials from people that they dredge up about fraud,” Jim says — and he speculated that could start right here in the Garden State. He read an interview in the New York Post with an anonymous New Jersey man who claims he's helped rig elections before.

An individual described by Post as a "political insider from New Jersey" told the newspaper he has been doing it for years, for New Jersey races from local elections to the gubernatorial race.

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