The New Jersey Environmental Federation issued a report card today for Governor Chris Christie, analyzing his environmental promises and efforts during his first two-plus years in office. Overall, Christie received a "D." He was graded on 39 issues in seven overarching subjects of environmental policy.

The grading for each subject and issue was based on (in priority order):

  • The importance of the issue and how well is the Governor addressing it
  • Whether he had previously committed to addressing it
  • How his efforts compared to past governors'

Christie received "poor" or "failing" marks on 28 of the 39 issues graded. His highest scores were received for offshore issues. He has possessed an unchanging opposition to liquid natural gas plants off the Jersey shore. Also, he supported wind power projects offshore.

His worst marks registered within the issues of energy and climate change. NJEF said he not only abandoned his commitment to more aggressively implement the 2008 Energy Master Plan and 2007 Global Warming Response Act, but took steps to weaken them.

"These bad grades affect us all - our environment, our health, our kids," said Amy Goldsmith, NJEF State Director.

Larry Ragonese with the state Department of Environmental Protection said he respects NJEF's opinion, but Christie's bad marks "are not warranted."

"Governor Christie has a terrific environmental record for New Jersey," Ragonese said.