You’ve heard the story by now of the flight from New Orleans to Charlotte where a man seated in the back row began punching the seat in front of him after that passenger reclined. Reportedly, when asked by the ‘puncher’, the woman even put her seat upright so he could enjoy some extra space and the provided snack.

For perspective, the flight is less than two hours and with the flight rules of having your seat in the upright position for take off and landing, at MOST you’re talking about an hour of reclining time.

Here’s my take, good on the woman for being agreeable and putting her seat up so the guy could eat. She certainly didn’t need to do that. This guy should be charged as far as I’m concerned. Repeatedly hitting the passengers seat in front of him because he’s entitled to her being uncomfortable so he can have a few extra inches of space? Outrageous.

His behavior was intimidating, rude and unacceptable. No airline passenger should feel uncomfortable and fearful because some entitled brat who thinks it’s ok to physically intimidate another person. I hope she presses charges.

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