Memorial Day will be here in a couple of weeks and flags will be flying all over the place.
As you would expect.

However some will be tattered and faded from having been outside whatever the weather.
And as much as there is a sentiment among some that the flag is nothing more than a piece of cloth, think about what it represents.

All that we stand for as Americans; and the sacrifices made by those who have fought under that flag.

In Hopatcong, according to this, the Hopatcong police chief is disgusted by the sight of a flag that’s tattered and worn.

A complaint about a "disgraced United States flag" flying at a Durban Avenue business Friday morning earned the ire of the local police chief and a call out to others who may be flying tattered American flags.

Hopatcong Police Lt. Thomas Kmetz said in a news release that he and Police Chief Robert Brennan responded to the business and told the owner they would take down the flag and retire it the proper way.

Kmetz said the owner thanked him and removed the flag so that Brennan could have it retired at "a proper ceremony" at the local Veterans of Foreign Wars hall.

Brennan, an Eagle Scout and a former U.S. Marine, was "personally angered and disgusted that the United States flag was flying in that condition," Kmetz said.
Brennan said it's important to honor the flag because of its symbolic value.

"A lot of people have sacrificed everything for our country," Brennan said. "It isn't just a flag. It's a symbol of our country."

Brennan said he hasn't participated in a flag retirement ceremony "in a while," but stated that the flag is disassembled into its component parts, which are burned separately.

More information about proper flag etiquette is available on the VFW's website.

By the way, hopefully you’ll make some time to honor the memory of our fallen soldiers at the many Memorial Day ceremonies that will be taking place around the state.

And let’s not forget the brave men and women still with us who have to endure injuries suffered during the recent conflicts; especially those who are suffering traumatic brain injury profiled in a “60 Minutes” report last night.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

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