Like much of the Constitution of the U.S., Governor Murphy hates the 2nd Amendment. So much so, he pretty much admitted it last week during one of his daily press briefings when asked about closing gun stores in New Jersey. He said he believes "guns should be in the hands of trained professionals", like the state troopers that protect him wherever he goes. He calls it a "philosophical disagreement".

He has a lot of philosophical disagreements with his constituents, but frankly he doesn't care. He bought his office fair and square and he intends to wield his power as he sees fit and the rest of us poor unsophisticated slobs and the constitution be damned. Monday he had to reverse the order to close gun shops as part of non-essential businesses under pressure from store owners, activists and President Trump.

He didn't completely relent. Gun ranges are still ordered closed. You know how people tend to stand within six feet of each other when firing guns at the firing range.

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