The two pictures here sum up my feelings about the governor. He can be warm, charming and engaging (if he needs you) and a dismissive foe if you cross him.

I registered as a Republican for the first time to vote AGAINST him in the primary in his initial run for governor. Then as he got into the job, I admit, I got sucked in. Like many long suffering New Jersey taxpayers, we thought this guy was finally standing up to the special interests and political power structure that has been holding us hostage for far too long.

Then it seems, as his popularity rose and his political ambitions grew he abandoned the mission we thought he was on. Now with his political aspirations in serious jeopardy and his approval ratings at an all time low, what could he say to make people love him again?

Being the savvy clever politician he is, he hit a chord with even his most severe critics. The scourge of drug addiction in our state. I don't doubt his passion and sorrow for what he (and many of us) has seen in the families devastated by drug overdoses and death that is at epidemic proportions in New Jersey. If you come out against his effort or doubt his motives, then you're must be a cynical jerk.

Well, put me down as cynical jerk.

There's only so much government can do to solve this problem and only so much people who've made good life choices can pay for to help those who have not. I have tremendous empathy and compassion for those many families dealing with this crushing problem, but the timing seems curious and the motives seem suspect for a guy as politically adept as Chris Christie.

I know of people who have been to rehab a dozen times before they finally got out of the horrible cycle of drug dependence. But ultimately it's their own strength and the support of those who love them that gets them through that dark tunnel. So although I hope what he has proposed in his state of the state speech, can bring help to those caught in this horrible situation, I have a tough time putting my faith in anything he has to say.

Fool me once shame on you....and you did Mr. Christie. It pains me to feel this way, but like many of you, I do.

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