An underaged drinking party in Philadelphia got busted by the police after 300 people showed up to it. Being fascinated by underage drinking in this country, Dennis Malloy decided to do a little survey around the station.

In this series titled by Dennis as "Attractive young people who were allowed to drink at home at 21", he went around to our younger co-workers and asked about their upbringings with alcohol as a minor.

Their answers were pretty similar. As long as their parents were home, they could have a few friends over and drink under their supervision. Most of their parents would rather them drink at home than go out and put themselves at risk.

Dennis Malloy believes Americans are so uptight about drinking because it's a way for local police departments to get money. He also thinks we should adapt towards the European way of life, where drinking underage isn't that big of a deal.

Take a look at the video in the clip above.


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