On yesterday's show, Dennis and Judi voiced their frustration over the Shaneen Allen case and how she is essentially being imprisoned and could face a 3-year jail term for being honest.

David McNew, Getty Images


Shaneen Allen was pulled over for a routine traffic stop and told the officer who pulled her over that she was carrying a gun, which she had a license for, in the state of Pennsylvania. Because Allen was not a licensed gun owner in New Jersey, she was arrested and is awaiting trial for gun possession. Her ignorance for NJ's gun laws are not an excuse and could now face a mandatory 3-year sentence.

As Dennis and Judi voiced their frustrations on the case, their frustrations also called out NJ's top politicians, who they believe should be speaking up on this case and bringing some common sense to the table.

Currently, Assemblyman Ron Dancer has introduced a bill that would give a judge the discretion to either impose a mandatory sentence or call for pre-trial intervention for first time offenders from out of state. But is this too little too late for someone like Shaneen Allen?

Assemblyman Republican Leader Jon Bramnick called in to the show to defend some politicians, like himself, who believe that Allen should be granted leniency. Currently, judges have no say in the matter and the sentences are mandatory.

Listen to the interview with Dennis and Judi and Assemblyman Jon Bramnick in the audio player below.