🔴 Concealed carry restrictions are back in effect in NJ

🔴 Federal judge upholds restrictions supported by Gov. Murphy

🔴 The court fight is not over.  What comes next?

Gov. Phil Murphy and his anti-gun allies have won a partial victory in court, and New Jersey will be permitted to enforce restrictions on where concealed weapons can be carried.

Judge Cheryl Ann Krause, a United States circuit judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, granted a stay requested by the Murphy administration while the appeals process plays out.

The stay reverses a decision by another federal court that ruled New Jersey could not enforce a ban on concealed weapons at parks, beaches, recreation facilities, casinos, public libraries and museums, restaurants and bars that serve alcohol, and entertainment venues including stadiums and concert halls.

U.S. District Judge Renée Marie Bumb. ruled last month the restrictions “went too far” and were “aimed primarily — not at those who unlawfully possess firearms — but at law-abiding, responsible citizens.”

Krause disagreed, and will allow the restrictions on concealed carry to be enforce, for now.

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Gov. Murphy said he was “thrilled” with the ruling.

New Jersey Attorney General matt Platkin said in a statement, “This is a tremendous win for public safety, and we will continue fighting for our law.”

What comes next?

The appeals process will continue, although the judge has yet to set a schedule for arguments.

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Why is this happening?

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down concealed carry laws in New York State. That ruling also “acknowledged the unconstitutionality of analogous statutes in other states,” which essentially invalidated concealed carry restrictions in New Jersey and elsewhere.

While the ruling made getting a concealed carry permit in New Jersey much easier, Gov. Murphy and Democratic leaders in the legislature quickly passed new laws that restricted where a gun could be carried.

Within hours of Murphy signing the new restrictions into law, they were challenged by a coalition of gun rights groups.

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What are the current restrictions?

Pending a different ruling from a higher court, you can no longer carry a concealed weapon in several so-called sensitive exclusions zones.

These include:

⚫ Airports
⚫ Medical facilities
⚫ Playgrounds
⚫ Youth sporting events
⚫ Parks
⚫ Beaches
⚫ Recreation facilities
⚫ Casinos
⚫ Public libraries
⚫ Museums
⚫ Zoos
⚫ Restaurants and bars that serve alcohol
⚫ Entertainment venues including stadiums and concert halls

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