When we read this story by David Matthau, "Put Your Baby In A Box? NJ Says It Could Save Their Lives", we were intrigued. Putting a baby in a...box? Sounds weird. But it's a program dedicated to preventing SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and reminds parents to keep the sleeping area as bare as possible. A firm mattress with tightly fitted sheet, a safe secure area, and nothing else. No crib bumpers. No stuffed animals. Nothing.

New Jersey is the first state in the country to offer this program and my wife wanted to give it a try. It's been signed off on by many pediatricians who point out another benefit is the cozy snugness of the Baby Box and the fact that it's portable unlike a crib. When you think about it, the hospital bassinets newborns are placed in are very close to the size and snugness of these Baby Boxes. Some who have used the Baby Box say their child seems to be calmed by it. So we're giving it a shot and we'll let you know how it works out once Cooper is born (which might just be any day now).

Jeff Deminski photo, Townsquare Media

Our Baby Box even came with free Pampers newborn diapers and baby wipes, a free onesie, and some other goodies. If you want to check out the program yourself go to babyboxuniversity.com. All expecting mothers and mothers of newborns can get this for free.

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