So when does it end? When will normal unite against the outrageous overreach of government?

We’ve seen the government and local bureaucrats in New Jersey abuse our freedoms and our normal activities. The very idea that school officials are pointing to normal interaction among students with masks or social distancing as a bad thing is actually the root of our current problem. We are nearing zero on deaths and hospitalizations — no, not because of any action of government. Actually, it’s the opposite. Across the country and the world, the COVID sickness and death rates peaked in mid-April and came crashing down. Long before mask mandates and right around the same time that lockdowns became ongoing.

The masks literally say on the box that they don’t protect from viruses and contagions. First-responders had a high rate of infection early in the pandemic, and they were masked up with gloves and face shields. If masks worked, why are there so many new positive cases in New Jersey? Did that even occur to government bureaucrats? So we know that the virus spreads fast and you can’t stop it. We also know that just about everyone who gets it will be just fine. 94% of the deaths had an average of 2.6 comorbidities. And that fact is from the CDC. We also know that the tests are so flawed that 90% of the positive tests have no correlation to spreading or sickness. And that was reported by the New York Times.

So here we are, pretending that we’re still in the midst of a health crisis. A normal person would look at the spike in positive tests as a good thing. Meaning the original projections that the mortality rate was going to closely mirror that of the seasonal flu. But the smart people in countries like Sweden are ignored. The fact that millions of people were infected in Sweden and they suffered no lockdown and had a relatively low mortality rate and they lost fewer people than New York and New Jersey which locked down and continue to punish their citizens.

Businesses cannot get back to normal with masks and distance in place. And given the high rate of deaths from just about every other thing out there — diabetes, heart disease, pneumonia — the government edicts have done nothing but made it harder for people to get the care they need for the conditions that are actually killing them. We know that kids are unaffected for the most part by coronavirus. We know they are not super-spreaders. We also know that we will have a flu season coming up, one that does kill kids every year, and we have severely compromised the immune system of so many kids that there is reason to be concerned.

The best course of action is to reopen 100% and get back to normal. Stop it already. No honest-thinking person could possibly ignore all of the facts. If they do, then they have an agenda. The question is, what’s Gov. Phil Murphy’s real agenda here?

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