Cyndi Lauper's debut album (1983) is titled: "She's So Unusual." Now, the 1980s superstar is getting ready to prove it, in her own words.

The autobiography, to be titled simply: "Cyndi Lauper" is planned for publication this fall, under the Atria Books imprint (a part of Simon & Schuster).  Lauper, who  is now 58, promises that the book will show her "true colors."  The grammy award-winning singer (Best New Artist of 1984) was born in Queens, New York, and her story will cover everything from her troubled childhood, to '80s superstar status, and the highs and lows in the years since.

"Sometimes I come off good. Sometimes not so good." says Cyndi Lauper. This quote says to me that, while "Girls Just Want To Have Fun,"  its not all fun, all the time!

I remember buying the "She Bop" disco single in the summer of 1984. The young woman cashier (not much older than me) at the record store didn't say anything, but I got a very strange look!  At the time, I had thought of saying something like: "Hey, its a HIT record!" But, I hit my internal mute buton (a rarity), forked over the cash ($4.49 was worth more in '84), and walked away.

"Cyndi Lauper," the book.  If its half as good as the Rick Springfield memoir that I reviewed last weekend here at'll see you in the line at the bookstore this fall, cash in hand!