"This was going to be for your birthday...but we didn't have enough Christmas presents for you...so...NOW, its for Christmas!"

The birthday boy...a few years back in time. (Craig Allen photo archives).

Those were tough words for a small child.  And, yes, my parents (and grandparents, etc) kept a strict gift count. Figures, right?!

And...why is it that everyone gets to open gifts on MY birthday, but I don't get to open any gifts on THEIR special day?

This is a question that every kid with a "Christmas Birthday" eventually gets to.

I was no exception.

I believe that it was around my 8th or 9th birthday that my parents came up with a temporary solution: the "HALF birthday."

On June 25th that year, I was given a present (a typewriter...MANUAL), and a cake!

And, the day was all mine!


I tried (really hard) to forget that my father had just had a "birthday party" 5 days before.

Fast Forward...to NOW:

Like fellow Christmas Birthday friends (Happy Birthday to Christine, Dolores and Jill!)...

Its a duel-day card! (Craig Allen photo).

...I've gotten over it.

Thanks! (Craig Allen photo).

I have....REALLY!

And, I certainly don't tack a "half" onto the total birthdays that I've..."experienced!"

12-25-02...celebrating my birthday at NJ101.5 for the first time. (Craig Allen photo archives).

In truth, I'm in age-denial.

It must be...all mine. (Craig Allen photo).


"Jingle Bell Rockin'!" my Birthday/Christmas 2018 Radio T-shirt. (Diana Gebbia photo).