WANTAGE — A cow that escaped a trip to the slaughterhouse on Route 80 last week is a new mother.

The cow named Brianna jumped from a trailer passing through Paterson around 3 a.m. Thursday and ran west in the eastbound lanes. State Police and workers from Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue lassoed the pregnant cow and brought her to the Wantage farm.

"She was less than ten minutes away from that slaughterhouse when she flew out of the truck," the sanctuary wrote on its Facebook page.

The calf Winter was born Sunday about 1:30 p.m.

"Easily one the most incredible things I’ve ever been involved in, but also extremely nerve racking because the doctor hadn’t gotten here yet," Mike Stura, the founder of the sanctuary, wrote on the organization's Facebook page along with a video of the birth.

The sanctuary also took advantage of the outpour of interest in Brianna to make a pitch for going vegan.

"EVERYTHING was about to be stolen from her, her beautiful baby, and her life. She and her unborn baby would have been needlessly killed. This is the reality of dairy and meat. This the cost of using living beings as commodities. If Brianna and Winter have touched you, you already know what the right thing to do is. Please get your habits inline with your heart," the sanctuary said.

Brianna and Winter will join about 70 other cows living at the sanctuary, including Freddy, a cow that escaped a Queens halal shop in 2016 and ran down Jamaica Avenue before being captured.


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