While convenience stores are deemed essential during the pandemic, some customers might not feel good about going inside. QuickChek has come up with a solution.

They are now offering curbside pickup at all locations. The way it works is you need to order through the QuickChek app. You’ll choose curbside pickup and be asked to enter the make and color of your vehicle. Eventually they’ll have designated parking spots just for curbside but not all locations are marked as of now. Then when you arrive you have to call the store to let them know you’re there and an employee brings your things to you car. According to an article on NJ.com, you cannot prepay.

That’s where I think this otherwise good plan might have a drawback. For those who don’t want to even briefly go into a convenience store, even with a mask, I would think the added contact and time it will take to pay will be a turnoff. Many QuickCheks have self-serve scanners which limits contact. There’s also the learning curve for workers and the patience customers should muster at first with a new system. I’d have to think employees at a QuickChek are not used to answering calls the way a pizza shop would be.

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Overall it’s better than going inside if you’re that concerned about it. Curbside will be available 5 am to 10 pm. Just one more change in this new normal of social distancing.

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