Mail-in ballots found in a West Orange dumpster, 40,000 missing primary ballots in Pennsylvania and arguments about the number of county drop boxes in Texas are all early signs of a potentially bleak post-election season according to Jim Gearhart in his latest weekly Jim Gearhart podcast and Facebook Live show, presented every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. at

Jim wonders: How many other dumped ballots are out there only to be found when it’s too late for them to count?

“What I think is happening is that 20 days before the election the tide is rolling a lot of fraud and trash in. Right now at this moment either party has grounds to bring up the notion of ‘we was robbed,'” Jim says.

He expects the determination of a winner that is accepted by both candidates to drag on past Christmas and into the new year.

“I will not be shocked if by January and February we are not in a state of marshal law. I think it’s a real possibility because the left, which seems to have weaponized the hatred of people, many of whom are violent — they’re not going to stop if they lose, maybe not even if they win if they’re not getting what they want fast enough. We’re in for a rough ride,” Jim said.

Can the country can accept the results and peacefully move on?

“I would think absolutely no possible way. It’s just gone too far right now and at some point the federal government may have to jump into the fray,” Jim says.

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