MAPLEWOOD — A 24-year-old woman from Orange has been arrested and charged for pepper spraying a Maplewood resident while pretending to be a government official, according to police.

Widda Deneus was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the incident that occurred on Sept. 30, police said.

According to Maplewood police, a Brown Street resident received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

Brown Street, Maplewood (Google Earth)
Brown Street, Maplewood (Google Earth)

Minutes later, a woman who identified herself as a DCP&P agent arrived at the same Brown Street home and wanted to come inside, police said. But the resident refused access because the woman couldn't present identification and didn't have police present.

The suspect, later identified as Deneus, then attacked the resident's face with pepper spray and left the area in a white SUV.

The resident refused medical attention from first responders.

Deneus was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with aggravated assault, impersonating a government official, and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

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