The House of Representatives approved a bill to fund the Department of Defense for a full calendar year, as well as continue military construction and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Congressman John Runyan says the Continuing Resolution allows the DoD to move funding around and away from older programs they want to defund.

"That CR we just passed had that flexibility in it, so that will mitigate it right now."

The CR keeps the spending level for Fiscal Year 2012 as a base for 10 out 12 appropriations bills, but it includes a full year Defense appropriation and Military Construction/Veterans Affairs appropriations bill.

The sequester would have potentially faced furloughs for the nearly six thousand civilian employees of Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst. Had the sequester gone through, the furloughs would have affected 80% of the civilian appropriated fund according to the Joint Base.

Runyan says the intent of the sequester was to address the debt ceiling and the money that was set aside was the agreed amount that the debt ceiling went up. He notes the sequester was supposed to force the formed super committee into creating specific cuts, however since it didn't work out, they have to do it through the CR's.

"We have to go back to that same process of what that committee was trying to do and line by line adjust in these accounts. I think everybody is on page with that."

He notes Wednesday's CR is not the last.

"I can imagine in the next couple of week you're going to have several other pieces of legislation that are going redistribute these cuts to accounts that really could use a haircut."