To me Christmas lights should be an explosion of color. A warm celebration of hues. To others, the only acceptable Christmas lights are pure, white lights.

The most common thing I hear these people say is, “It’s just classier.”

Classier. So drab, one color only lights somehow denote class? In other words, you think you’re better than us colored lights folks?

I thought I was crazy until I spoke to a co-worker who not only agreed with me but took it way further. She feels the white icicle lights are for people trying too hard to be snobby but didn’t quite arrive there. Also can’t stand the inflatable lawn decorations and truly despises those projected lights onto the front of the house. Feels it’s the ultimate in lazy.

Speaking of lazy, I also got bush-shamed by this person. Why? Because I bought net lights instead of weaving long strands of lights back and forth through my bushes. Apparently net lights are lazy too.

So if I’m crazy I’ve met crazier. Now you tell us, which do you prefer? Take our poll below.

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