There are many in the House of Representatives, as well as a group of NJ legislators that are extremely upset over the pictures of American sailors being detained by Iran and then having those Iranian guards given medals for the act.

Two bills that are being voted on today are extremely important to protecting Americans and the money they are owed from Iran before Iran gets any money from the U.S.

One is the Justice for Victims of Iranian Terrorism Act which attempts to offset any economic gains by Iran before $43.5 billion in judgements are settled for Americans. The other is the Iran Terror Finance Transparency Act, which  would provide Congress greater oversight of the Iranian nuclear deal agreed to last year.

NJ Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur joined me on air to discuss the issues with Iran, explain the bills in some detail and whether or not these deals have a chance at actually passing.

I actually brought up the American soldiers who were detained recently as the point of anger for many Americans as point of anger towards Iran and MacArthur said it goes much deeper than that.

"I think we are outraged still, and it's not just what happened last week or last month. It's now going on a year of bad decisions by this president," MacArthur said. "Starting with the terrible deal with Iran in the first lace that has allowed them to build up weapons its has given the $150 billion of economic relief. And then it's been one disaster after another Bill. Weakness in the face of Iranian aggression, the prisoner swap which has problems."

MacArthur went on to mention the large payment of interest the U.S. is paying Iran as well.

"We've found this payment of $1.7 billion to satisfy what was a $400,000 claim, granted decades ago, but the administration is declaring victory for paying $1.3 billion of interest plus the initial claim and meanwhile we have tens of billions of dollars that Americans have been awarded in judgements against Iran and we do nothing. We do nothing to get that money back for our own citizens. It's a disgrace," he said.

I asked Congressman MacArthur if he thinks the bills up for vote today will get passed, as the bills seem to deal with issues that will likely pass in the house and senate. Wouldn't the president want Americans to receive their judgements against Iran before handing over $1.7 billion? MacArthur said that there are more roadblocks than you would think to getting these bills passed.

"Well I don't know that it will pass the senate Bill. The senate still because of their rules, it frequently requires Democrats to get things done, it often requires Democrats and they've been pretty supportive of the president's agenda. So I don't know that it gets passed the senate and if it does, the president will veto it" MacArthur said.

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