Gov. Chris Christie said he’s sure there was voter fraud in New Jersey, and all states, in November’s election but doesn’t know extensive.

On ‘Ask the Governor,’ Christie was asked voter fraud in the context of President Donald Trump’s assertion, repeated this week first in a meeting with leaders of Congress, that he would have won the popular vote if 3 million to 5 million immigrants in the country illegally hadn’t voted for Hillary Clinton.

Asked if there was voter fraud in New Jersey, Christie said, “I’m sure there was.”

“There is voter fraud. There’s voter fraud that happens all the time in every state in this country. How you quantify it I don’t know. But we know it’s there,” Christie said.

There's no evidence there was anywhere near the amount of voter fraud in the November election that Trump claims, and critics have said that repeating the lie can undermine democracy. Trump today said he'll ask for an investigation.

Christie relayed the joke often used by “our beloved former governor” Brendan Byrne about wanting to be buried in Hudson County so he can remain active in politics.

“And an expert as erudite and as experienced as Brendan Byrne – former judge, former prosecutor, former governor – wants to continue to vote after he dies,” Christie said, laughing,” and so he’s going to be buried in Hudson County which will mean that he’ll have probably a really great opportunity to.”

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