Spring is coming.  So are the ticks.  That means New Jerseyans will be at an increased risk of contracting Lyme disease.

Congressman Smith was passionate in studio this morning while discussing the medical evidence that points to chronic Lyme despite the federal government's denial.  He's been fighting to clear up misconceptions and bring the often debilitating disease to the forefront of medical discussions in Washington.

I've known several people who've had Lyme-related health issues including our Executive Producer at Chasing News.  He's got Lyme disease, as do several members of his family.  According to Congressman Smith, one of the biggest problems is that the professionals in charge of making determinations of whether the disease will be classified as chronic, have serious conflicts of interests having to due with relationships with insurance companies.

Of course, it's government, follow the money and you'll get to root of the problem.

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