SUSSEX BOROUGH — When Bobbie Jo and Jeff Ledford discovered that their beloved St. Bernard, Odin, had bone cancer they decided to make the best of whatever time he had left. That time came to an end on Tuesday.

The Ledfords created a Facebook page for the bucket list earlier this summer that amassed just over 7,000 followers who share pictures of their own pets. On Tuesday afternoon, Bobbie Jo posted that Odin had "crossed the rainbow bridge," and that he was "no longer suffering." She said they were "so deeply heartbroken" after the dog took a sudden turn just the day before.

As news of Odin's death spread across the page, many of the followers continued what had been a trend of sharing prayers and sharing stories of their own animals that had died.

The bucket list the Ledfords created included dozens of items from having an ice cream to meeting a police officer to staying at a hotel. One item that didn't quite happen for Odin was a trip to Yankee Stadium. However, thanks to one of the followers of the group, he was given a hero's welcome at a Staten Island Yankees game.

Before his death his family had planned to take him to Sussex Airport to watch people skydive. Bobbie Jo said the event will still go forward on Tuesday night in Odin's honor.

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