We've talked many times on the air about the continuing friction between bicycle enthusiasts and the rest of the population with Jeff, in particular, wanting something done about over-zealous cyclists.

Well, he'll enjoy this story out of England. According to Metro, a 75 year old British woman got tired of bicycles zooming past her on a shared path while she walked her dog. When one bicyclist, Michael Ramage, came too close to Susan Currall, she swung what she had handy, which happened to be her dog's waste. Yes, she smacked him with a bag of dog poop she was carrying.

According to the Metro article, when Mr. Ramage complained about being splattered with poop, Mrs. Currall said "Go cry to your mummy". Unfortunately, Mr. Ramage pressed charges and she admitted assault by beating and was ordered to pay £25 for dry cleaning costs.

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