A ruptured tanker car that released a hazardous chemical in southern New Jersey last month has been removed from a creek where it fell.

A 150-ton crane from Weeks Marine, Inc., is positioned by response crews at the site of the Paulsboro train derailment (US Coast Guard)

The U.S. Coast Guard used a 150-ton crane to move the car Tuesday.

The car leaked vinyl chloride after it derailed on a bridge in Paulsboro on Nov. 30. No one was seriously sickened, though dozens of people were checked out at a hospital.

More than 200 homes were evacuated because of the leak. By Tuesday, only about 30 residents were still being kept away from their homes.

Also Tuesday, Paulsboro's schools opened for the first time after six days of canceled classes.

Officials say they're now working on removing three more tankers that contain vinyl chloride. Those three cars did not leak.


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