David Bryan is a Jersey guy who's putting a face on the coronavirus. The Bon Jovi keyboardist announced on Instagram March 21 that he had tested positive, came on my show Tuesday night to tell us how he's doing:

"A little better you know," Bryan said when he called into my show. "It's definitely a nasty virus you know and I've been doing a lot of press just trying to help calm the fear. It's a crazy thing, I'm on day 16 and you know, I'm still sick. It never got into my lungs where I needed to go to the hospital thank god. But you know the range of this is just crazy, my wife has it as well and she has like no symptoms."

He talked about what his initial thoughts were when he was first diagnosed:

"The first thing is, you know you're afraid. It's fear, this thing. I was like 'okay.' I talked to him [his doctor] and I go, 'so what happens next?' He goes, 'I'm putting you on the drug combo,' and then he sent over one of those pull socks that you put on your finger to see how much oxygen you have. And he said to just make sure that your lungs are working, but it didn't get to the point where I was coughing or [had] shortness of breath."

As for the planned Bon Jovi tour beginning Wednesday, June 10 and coming to the Prudential Center Tuesday, July 14:

"I just think everything is gonna get pushed downstream. Ya know, all the sports teams, everybody that's playing in those arena's. You know, we sold out, I think uh 21 shows across America for June and July, and I think it all just gets pushed downstream, whenever the world gets off of pause and goes back to playing."

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