A familiar site located at the entrance of the Freehold Raceway Mall is about to close its doors. But before jumping to conclusions, it's not all bad news.

Bob's Stores is officially closing its Freehold location. Most would recognize the retailer off of Route 537, near the intersection of Route 33. It's located right next to Ashley Homestore, at the corner of West Main Street (County Route 537) and Trotters Way.

This closure isn't an indicator of more closings to come. In fact, it appears that the Freehold location is the only one closing its doors.

Store closing signage is also up with steep discounts being advertised. If you're looking to take advantage of some of those deals, you better get moving before the store closes for good.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The reason for the closure is unclear. But there does seem to be interest in the soon-to-be vacated store.

In fact, that interest appears to be coming from the store's neighbor located right up Trotters Way.

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The Freehold Raceway Mall might soon be expanding its footprint in some capacity closer to its main entrance on West Main Street (County Route 537). According to APP.com, "A mall spokesperson said the mall has plans for the space."

At this time, it's unknown how the mall plans to utilize the space, or if the closure of Bob's Stores was part of an agreement between them and the mall. One thing to stress, however, is that Bob's Stores isn't going out of business altogether. Only their Freehold location is affected.

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So it's not all bad news. If you were a regular shopper of Bob's Stores, rest assured that their other locations will remain open.

As for the Freehold Raceway Mall? This closure appears to be a win for them for however they plan to utilize the space. Even more importantly, it points to the health of this great New Jersey Mall.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

With so many malls struggling across the country, it's great to see some of them here in the Garden State thrive. Even through the pandemic, Freehold Raceway Mall seemed to weather it pretty well and seems well-positioned for continued growth.

So whatever is planned for that space, most who frequent the mall will be anxiously waiting to see what comes of it.

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