What do you want for your son?

Most parents would say they want their boy to grow to be a good person and to be happy. But how do you get him there? There are so many detours and detractors in our society and it is sometimes overwhelming for a parent. But YOU have the greatest influence on him. At this point in his life you are looking to make good choices to assist in his growth and development. You only get one chance to shape him in the image that you feel is best. Good judgement and good character traits are the foundation of a great human being. These are principles that you are probably teaching to him now. It is a valuable investment of your time.

As a lifelong member of The Boy Scouts of America I can testify to the amazing program of Cub Scouting and the positive impact that it can have on your son. The long term goal is to help him become a fully functioning independent human being. But in the short term the Cub Scout program will help him become more social, outgoing and respectful in a group setting. He will become more confident and gradually more independent in his thinking and in his actions.

In the Cub Scout program, you as parents have the opportunity to be hands-on in your son’s activities as a small group leader or at the very least as an involved and supportive parent. The program has age appropriate activities and advancement opportunities beginning as early as Kindergarten/First grade through 5th grade. Flexibility allows a boy to join at any elementary grade and assume the activities of that particular year. Flexibility also allows a boy to participate in sports while being a scout. Yes, your son can do both sports and scouts.

Cub Scouting is a program that is well worth the investment of your time. The rewards are great. Ask any of the great student athletes, musicians and peer leaders of Roxbury and you will find that many were a Cub Scout or Girl Scout not so long ago. And you can tell the difference between someone who has been in scouting and someone who has not.

The Eagle Scout Award is the highest rank of the Boy Scout program. It is recognized worldwide as the benchmark of good character, good citizenship and great maturity.   Employers and Universities acknowledge the hard work and dedication required to achieve this award. Becoming an Eagle Scout can literally change a young person’s life in incredible ways.   You probably guessed that the road to Eagle Scout starts now in the Cub Scout program.   I have three sons and all three began as cub scouts.   My oldest son joined the cubs and became an Eagle Scout.   My second son stayed in the program until he was 16 and then went on to become a peer leader of the high school choir council. My youngest son is now 16 and is working toward his Eagle.

Boys remain with the program year after year because of the strong support of parents like you. Parents who choose to get involved in their son’s development and his activities. Parents who chose to sacrifice and devote their time. Strong adult involvement is essential to making the program successful.   And by the way, NINE of the 12 boys in my son’s original cub scout den achieved the rank of Eagle Scout!   Again, it all started in cub scouting and it’s because the parents made it fun.

Give your son this opportunity to fly like an Eagle someday…. Please bring your son and invite his friends to join us for a fun filled open house for Cub Scouts. It will be held on Monday May 2nd 6pm at the Redeemer Church on Eyland Avenue.   See what the program is all about and what it can do for your son.   The road to Eagle starts here.    For more information please goto www.njpack159.org or call 973-479-1448.

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