I used the on air conversation Tuesday morning about NJ pet stores and a bill by Senator Ray Lesniak to crack down on the sale of pets from large-scale breeders to put all this in perspective.

The laws regulating pets stores are actually much more stringent than those regulating rescues. So if Lesniak and NJ legislators think you can assume pets you get from a rescue are going to be just fine, they're mistaken. Why does the New Jersey bill go further than what laws are already on the books?

Our family was more comfortable going through a breeder when we brought home our dog, Fenway. I feel that it is really on the owners to do their due diligence in picking out a pet that best suits the family and the household. Fenway is happy and healthy and we never had any issues whatsoever.

Our callers had differing opinions on the topic. A listener named Luann explained that she has picked out dogs from a breeder, a pet store and a rescue. Luann agreed that it comes down to the person buying the dog.

"My daughter has two small children and she wanted a great Dane," Luann told me. "She went to a breeder, she traveled a long way, met the family, met the parents, the two dogs that were left and ultimately picked one that was great."

Julie from Voorhees, on the other hand, believes that the only reputable breeders are the ones who would never sell to a pet store in the first place.

Julie, who is a proponent of rescue organizations, said "My contention is that the only responsible breeder that exists would never in a million years put their puppies into puppy stores for sale. Responsible are concerned about the health and welfare of the dogs they are breeding."

Listen to Julie's full explanation in the video clip below.