Back in the heart of the 80's comedy boom Bill Boggs had a show on WNEW-TV Ch. 5 called "Comedy Tonight." I'll never forget the night when he was hog tied and leather masked by Howard Stern, who was recently fired from WNBC and neither has Will Boggs, who has written a new comedy novel called "The Adventures Of Spike The Wonder Dog as told to Bill Boggs." Boggs came on my show to talk about all of that and more.

After being groped by Stern while introducing him, Boggs was then bound wrists to angles, a mask placed over his head and ball gag in his mouth as part of Howard's "magic trick," then left on stage while Howard took over the show.

"People have asked me it [the bit] for years," Boggs said when he called into my show. "People say, 'oh were you mad at Howard?' It was just like wrestling Steve, it was fake stuff. It was showman[ship], you can see that."

Boggs may be a fan of Howard Stern but he's no fan of Anthony Bourdain

"Anthony Bourdain wrote some horrible things about me in his book. He's on my dark list, he's also in a dark place. I don't care, you think I care, not at all, I'm still walking around. Look at it that way."

Bill Boggs is an Emmy Award-winning TV talk show host and executive producer of such shows as The Morton Downey Junior Show and Court TV which is now Tru TV, Bill Boggs Corner Table on the Food Network along with programs on Showtime, The Travel Channel, ESPN and all the major networks.

Boggs has written a comic novel called "The Adventures of Spike the Wonder Dog: As Told to Bill Boggs," and this is what he had to say about it:

"The book is narrated by a charmingly acerbic dog, Spike, being hailed by reviewers as 'fiction's funniest canine,' who together with his talk show host-master, Bud, becomes a huge TV and internet star, and the price fame exacts on each of them. The book is a social satire, madcap, absurdist humor, and more than a touch of Boggs' memoir that aims to get a laugh-out-loud response all the way through from its readers."

You can order the book now at

Who would comedy maven Boggs love to see do an hour on the coronavirus?

"Dice[Andrew Dice Clay], the Diceman. I'll take the Diceman, I almost said Seinfeld. I love Jerry Seinfeld's work but I would want that edge of a Diceman. I'd wanna see him smoking that cigarette, flicking that thing at the audience."

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