I still miss the Beatles.

If for no other reason than in the 6 years they were together, they recorded some of the most memorable music ever made.

And because in the years since, I don’t think there has been as creative a force in popular music as the period in which they recorded.

As I look back, it was such an innocent time; albeit immediately following the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

I remember the day they arrived in February, 1964. I was in Sister Patricia’s 7th grade class as they were to land at JFK Airport.

One of the girls in the class brought in a Beatles wig, only to be snatched off her head by one of the guys in the room, who ran around parading with the wig on his head; looking out the window saying, “…ohh, I just saw a flash, it could be their plane.”

That didn’t make the girls too happy.

That was then.

Fast forward to 1970, the year they’d all but broken up.

Actually the end had already happened. John Lennon took up with Yoko Ono and began to go off in his own direction, and with Paul McCartney’s announcement that he’d no longer record with the other 3, the band would be no more.

So it was officially on this date in 1970, they’d called it quits. Sort of like a foregone conclusion to one of the most creative periods in the history of pop music.

According to this:

April 10 marks the 43rd anniversary of the breakup of The Beatles, one of the most beloved rock bands in history.

After months of speculation from fans and industry insiders about The Beatles' inevitable end, Paul McCartney announced in a press release published April 10, 1970, that he would no longer perform or record with John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.

At the time, McCartney explained that the breakup was a result of "Personal differences, business differences, musical differences, but most of all because I have a better time with my family."

Remarking on the future of the band, he added, "Temporary or permanent? I don't really know."

For years, many believed that Lennon's wife Yoko Ono was the reason for the band's split. Just last fall, McCartney shot down the idea, saying, "She certainly didn't break the group up, the group was breaking up."

Ono gave her two cents on the breakup as well. "The Beatles were getting very independent," she said in the 1987 interview, which recently became available. "Each one of them [was] getting independent... [They] thought Paul would hold the Beatles together as his band. They were getting to be like Paul's band, which they didn't like."

The Beatles released their final studio album, "Let It Be," one month after the breakup was made public.

With so many to choose from, what was your favorite Beatles album or song?