Black bear hunting season could be longer, cover a larger amount of land, and allow for more methods of animal takedown if updates to the state's bruin management plan are approved.

Under the new plan, hunters could bag up to two black bears per season in an expanded game zone, which would now include the area south of I-78 and just east of I-287.

A six-day October period for bow and arrow would take place, and muzzle-loading rifles would also be permitted during three of those days. A six-day shotgun season coinciding with the six-day buck season in early December would also continue, according to the New Jersey Herald.

Black bear (NJ Fish and Wildlife)

The state's Fish and Game Council okayed the measures Tuesday, but the new game code still needs the approval of Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin before it can be enacted. If passed, the updates would take effect this November, and help to cut back on the increasing number of black bears in the state.